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Tranquility™ copyright 2008 Suntelia Software ™ Electronic End-User Software License Agreement NOTICE TO USERS: CAREFULLY READ THE FOLLOWING LEGAL AGREEMENT. USE OF THE SOFTWARE PROVIDED WITH THIS AGREEMENT (THE "SOFTWARE") CONSTITUTES YOUR ACCEPTANCE OF THESE TERMS. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO THE TERMS OF THIS AGREEMENT, OR YOU ARE KNOWN TO BE PHOTOSENSITIVE AND/OR SIEZURE PRONE THEN DO NOT INSTALL AND/OR USE THIS SOFTWARE. USER'S USE OF THIS SOFTWARE IS CONDITIONED UPON COMPLIANCE BY USER WITH THE TERMS OF THIS AGREEMENT. Warnings and Liabilities. STROBE/SEIZURE WARNING: DirectX Mode warning. Some features of this software can produce high strobe rates. Use of the feature 'View As Cube' can induce intense strobe effects through the visual output device. This software is not recommended for people who are photosensitive or photophobic, including people with epilepsy. Warning concerning the risks of epileptic seizures and the precautions to take when using computer software. Certain individuals may experience epileptic seizures or loss of consciousness when exposed to strobing lights. These persons may experience seizures while watching some kinds of television pictures or using certain software, or directX 'View As Cube' mode in context to this software. This may be experienced by persons who have no adverse antecedent medical history or which have never experienced seizures in the past. If you have experienced symptoms linked to an epileptic condition (seizure or loss of awareness) in the presence of light stimulations, consult your physician before using this software. When using DirectX mode, or 'View as Cube' setting, if pitch or rotation is changed by the user sever strobe rate can occur very quickly. Clicking while Dragging the mouse will incur faster strobe effect, resulting in exceptionally high strobe rates. User agrees and acknowledges this feature is not turned on by default during product installation. This feature is resultant from the 'Show as Rotating Cube' checkbox found in the Image Manager being checked. Suntelia Software will not be held responsible for use of this feature or any effects from its use. If you ever begin to experience such an event as a seizure, discontinue use of this software immediately and seek appropriate medical consultation. ACOUSTIC TRAUMA WARNING: Due to the nature of this application the sounds produced can incur acoustic phobia and or be acoustically traumatic to individuals prone to acoustic phobia. Use of infra-sound (frequencies below 20 Hz) can induce nausea. If you are known to have acoustic phobia as a psychiatric condition, you are advised to consult your physician before using this software. ADULT SUPERVISION REQUIRED: This application is not intended for use by children unsupervised. To reach levels of rapid strobe the user really does has to go out of their way to increase cube rotation, and be viewing in 3-d mode (an optional viewing mode).


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Tranquility 1.8.18

Tranquility will change how you use your PC at home or office. Enjoy ambience.
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